SuperTan Black Star

Strong Bronzer  |  No Tingle

This spectacular multi bronzer will provide a fast, golden brown tan and will make your skin look absolutely fabulous. Active nourishing ingredients and antioxidants will prolong the intensity of the tan, making it also longer-lasting, while you will look gorgeous!

DHA, erythrulose, walnut extract, beta carotene, henna – guarantee of a quick, strengthened and deep tan
Collagen, macadamia oil, vitamins, antioxidants – anti-aging effect, intensive moisturising and regeneration

  • Multi – bronzer
  • Strong tan
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Vegan friendly
  • Paraben free

Fragrance: Tropical Fruits

Use: Sunbed use only
Level: Intermediate/Advanced tanners
Warning: Does not contain SPF’s


Fragrance: Tropical Fruits

Level: Intermediate/Advanced tanners

Use: Sunbed use only

Always read the label carefully for the complete list of ingredients to check for allergen sensitivities. Please email before purchasing if you require clarification.

Does not contain SPF's. Skin test advised before first use. Wash hands after application. Discontinue if skin irritation occurs.