Halo Gel Polish (Festival of Lights Collection Deal)

6 x Gel Polish Colours

1 x Beauty – a deep fuchsia (8ml)
1 x Courage – an Indian gold shimmer (8ml)
1 x Harmony – a forest green (8ml)
1 x Honesty – a chocolate brown shimmer (8ml)
1 x Serenity – a midnight blue glitter (8ml)
1 x Wisdom – a regal purple shimmer (8ml)

2020 Festival of Lights Collection: The colours everyone has been waiting for. The Festival of Lights collection features six new shades to add to your collection. Inspired by the bright lights and dark nights of the coming season, Festival of Lights has the perfect colour to suit any event or celebration this Autumn.

The colours themselves take inspiration from mandalas, and are named to suit; Beauty- a deep fuchsia, Harmony- a forest green, Serenity- a midnight blue glitter, Honesty- a chocolate brown shimmer, Wisdom- a regal purple shimmer and Courage- an Indian gold shimmer.


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