Pro Tan Summer Sweetheart

Dark Tanning Accelerator – No Bronzers / No Tingle

This Affectionate Dark Tanning Lotion brings your tan to life while extending that gorgeous colour you worked so hard for. Enriched with Super Green Tea and moisturising extracts that helps soothe and calm irritated skin so it will be touchably soft for those long summer nights.

  • Dark Tanning Accelerators plus Tyrosine help enhance your tan for darker,longer lasting colour.
  • Super concentrated form of Green Tea helps calm, soothe and reduce redness.
  • Moisturises Skin While Tanning.
  • Vitamins A, C and E are Antioxidants with anti- aging benefits.
  • Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil help skin feel touchably soft and smooth.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Formula
  • Age Defying
  • Anti-reddening blend

Fragrance: Coastal Sunset

Use: Indoor/Outdoor
Level: All levels
Warning: Does not contain SPF’s (Apply SPF on top when using outdoors)


Fragrance: Coastal Sunset

Level: All levels

Use: Indoor/Outdoor

Always read the label carefully for the complete list of ingredients to check for allergen sensitivities. Please email before purchasing if you require clarification.

Does not contain SPF's. Skin test advised before first use. Discontinue if skin irritation occurs.