Flexisoft material for closer more comfortable fit

i-minis incorporate a bridgeless no tan-Line design and are constructed using soft FlexiSoft technology that allows for a closer more comfortable fit. i-minis provide complete protection while eliminating the dreaded  tan-line across the bridge of the nose!

  • Total UVA & UVB protection
  • Suitable for lie down sunbed only as there is no elastic or nose bridge.
  • No tan-line guaranteed!
  • Oval lens for improved visibility
  • Certified to EN 170-200
  • Comes in its own plastic case
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor tanning.

Please note: When purchasing a high volume of goggles in one colour, due to popular demand of certain colours we may not always be able to fulfil your entire quantity in your chosen colour. However it will be taken into consideration and we will do our best to ensure the majority is what you requested and the remainder replaced with similar colour tones. This does not apply if you purchase a full display box deal of goggles as it contains an even number of each colour.


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Certified to EN 170-200