Halo LED/UV Gel Polish Euphoric (Fireflies) 8ml

Shade: The golden green tone of the shimmer emitted by firefly wings in the night sky!

The Euphoric Collection: A feeling of well-being, intense happiness, or elation. An affective state of extreme excitement, joy, or self-confidence. The latest collection from Pure Nails features eight unique glittering shades that embody the feeling of euphoria, these Halo Gel Polish colours are perfect as we enter festival season!

With easy application, amazing shine and pigmentation and 14-days of chip free wear, you can find your happily ever after with Halo Gel Polish. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty free!

Please note: We have made every effort to reproduce a likeness of the colour and finish of our gel polish. However, the representation of colours are limited by technology and may vary due to screen settings.