Eylure Line & Lash False Lash Adhesive (Clear)

Line & Lash is a brilliant felt tip eyeliner pen that lays down a super precise line of adhesive that makes lash application as easy as applying your everyday eyeliner. Say goodbye to the messy, sticky glues and hello to fuss free lash application.

Since it works with any faux lash, you’re free to choose your own style.


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– Step one: Apply 3 coats of liner across entire length of lash line. Allow each layer to dry completely

PRO TIP 1: To get the best look for your eye shape start with a light layer. Continue to build a fuller line with your 2nd and 3rd coat

PRO TIP 2: For best magnetism build liner to be as thick as the lash band

– Step two: Apply lashes directly to liner and press to secure

PRO TIP: If you need to remove lashes to adjust, make sure to re-apply fresh coats of liner before reattaching.