utan Limited Edition CBD Tanning Water-Serum 150ml

Dark Gradual Tan

For a hydrated medium – dark tan this dark water serum is infused with organic DHA & organically grown plants.  Can be used on its own , as a base primer before applying self tan or as a tan topper to an existing developed self tan.

If you’re looking for a fast, low-maintenance tanning solution for your body this is a match made in heaven. Heavier than water yet lighter than serum, this fast-absorbing water-serum applies to the body with a mitt in under 60 seconds. No worry of streaks nor having to use a heavy guide colour, the clean-feel, rapid drying formula hydrates your skin with plant extracts with anti-bacterial properties organically grown in Colorado.

Universal for all skin tones.

  • Fast application
  • Light guide colour
  • Hydrating & touch dry in seconds
  • Clean-feel formula
  • Use as a tan primer or topper
  • Bergamot & Calendula scent


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Fragrance: Bergamot & Calendula

Level: All levels

Always read the label carefully for the complete list of ingredients to check for allergen sensitivities. Please email before purchasing if you require clarification.

Does not contain SPF's. Skin test advised before first use. Wash hands after application. Discontinue if skin irritation occurs.

Spray onto a tanning mitt.

Using circular motions, apply directly onto ur body blending section by section to ensure even development. Light guide colour ensures no streaks with no transfer. Gradual tan will develop in 6-8 hours and can be topped up as desired

No need to rinse