utan Blending airBrush

Rapidly buff tan flawlessly on your face, hands & feet with this super-luxe brush-in-case airBrush. For an airbrush facial tan, avoiding tan getting into your hair: Mist your utan tanning water onto the brush & smooth into your moisturiser as the last step in your skincare routine.

When tanning your body, we recommend mixing self-tan with a (hand/body) moisturiser to flawlessly blend out any harsh lines from developing on your hands & feet.

  • Dense premium synthetic fibres
  • Comfortable handle for ease & control
  • Applies face mists with minimal effort
  • Includes travel case
  • Blends self-tan in tricky areas
  • Vegan, CF, PETA approved


<strong>Mist</strong> your utan Tanning Water onto the brush & buff over your chosen moisturiser. Perfect for avoiding tan in your hairline, brows & lashes. <strong>Airbrush</strong> tricky areas (like hands & feet) using the utan Turbo Mousse & your chosen moisturiser, for a flawless blend. <strong>Contour</strong> your face with your favourite utan products. The ergonomic handle makes layering tan under your cheekbones & jawline effortless.