Halo Desk Lamp Pro (Dimmable LED)

Our new dimmable LED Professional Desk Lamp pro can change colour temperature from warm white to daylight settings to suit your preference and work station.

Lightweight and easy to use makes the Halo Desk Lamp pro ideal for both Salon and Mobile use; supplied with an easy to install and fully adjustable clamp that will fit most desks.

Having brightness control of warm to day light (3000-6000K) means that it is energy efficient too – you can choose from 25-100% output.

The shade can be twisted to direct the light wherever you need it.

  • Professional Desk Lamp
  • Ideal for Salon and Mobile use
  • Easy to install and fully adjustable
  • Clamp will fit most tables
  • Brightness Control – warm to daylight (3000-6000k)
  • Energy Efficient – choose from 25%-100% output


  • Dimensions: 740 x 445 x 395mm
  • High light output: up to 182 LED bulbs
  • Voltage: AC 100~240V; 50/60Hz
  • Power: 20W

Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.