Halo LED/UV Gel Polish Stained Glass Collection Deal (6x8ml)

6 x 8ml Gel Polish Colours

Stained Glass Collection: Introducing the Halo Summer Gel Polish Collection, a breathtaking fusion of delicate translucence and vibrant hues inspired by the intricate beauty of stained glass windows. Each shade in The Stained Glass Collection captures the essence of luminosity and artistry, allowing your customers to bring a touch of elegance to their client’s fingertips.

With easy application, amazing shine and pigmentation and 14-days of chip free wear! Plus, the entire range is HEMA free, vegan and cruelty-free!

1 x Blue – A sheer royal blue (8ml)
1 x Green – A sheer vivid lime green (8ml)
1 x Magenta – A sheer vibrant magenta (8ml)
1 x Neon Pink – A sheer neon pink (8ml)
1 x Teal – A sheer spearmint green (8ml)
1 x Yellow – A sheer lemon yellow (8ml)